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We Pride Ourselves On Our Friendliness And Cleanliness, And One Of Us Is Always Available To Show You Around Or Talk You Through Our Facilities. We Fully Embrace Sexual Freedom And Diversity. So Long As It’s Mutually Consensual Between Adults Then Do It With Total Abandon. And Why Not Photograph It To Enlighten The World! We Also Encourage And Promote Safety And Provide A Small Selection Of Condoms, Lube And Gloves FREE Of CHARGE And We Have Shower And WC Facilities To Send You On Your Way Spick And Span! X In The Very Heart Of The Most Exciting Venue, Hidden Deep For Discretion Purpose, Our Dungeon Play Space Is A Surprising Luxurious Venue For Indulging Yourself And Your Partner In A Sensuous Fantasy Experience. Whether Just For A Few Hours Or An Entire Naughty Weekend Away, Everything You Need In This Completely Self-Contained Space Will Be At Your Disposal. Facilities Include Shower Room And Kitchenette, Double Bed, Single Futon, And A Six Seater Leather Corner Sofa Should You Wish To Invite Spectators Or Guests. BDSM Equipment Includes: Isolation Cell, Suspension Harness, Bondage Bed, Office Secretarial Bondage Chair, Medical Room, Cell, Pet Cage, CP Stools, Bondage Bench And Others For Your Fun.

We Have Created This Modern And Relaxing, Self-Contained Studio, To Offer People The Opportunity To Indulge In Sexual Play In A Safe, Quiet And Completely Private Environment. You Will Not Be Heard Or Disturbed! It Is An Environment Where Both Those Who Are Experienced In BDSM Can Play In Privacy, And Those Who May Be Curious To Try Out New Things Can Relax And Have Fun Experimenting. BDSM Activities Include Bondage And Discipline, Domination And Submission And Sadomasochism. Often These Terms Sound Extreme – But Don’t Be Put Off! This Is An Opportunity To Use The Restraints, Toys And Furniture To Explore Your Fantasies And Maybe To Push Your Boundaries

EMPIRE KINK MOTEL Is A Multi-Room Place Space With Playrooms Available By The Hour Or Entire Dungeon Available By The Hour Or Overnight. Some Of The Larger Playroom Pieces Include Bondage Tables, St. Andrews Crosses, A Spanking Bench, A Spanking Horse, Cages, Cbt Chair, Leather Love Sling, And An 8 Foot By 8 Foot Bondage Rig. Numerous Smaller Items From Spreader Bars To Nipple Clamps Are Also On Hand. In Addition To The Playrooms Our Renters Also Have Access To A Full Bathroom With Shower And Plenty Of Fresh Towels. Renters Have Access To The Whole Facilities

We Have Free Private Parking For Our Guests.

EMPIRE KINK MOTEL Is A Private, Secluded Erotic Getaway That Also Offers All Of The Great Amenities As A Kinky BnB. We Aim To Provide Our Guests With A Safe Place To Explore Their Fantasies, Fetishes And Erotic Lifestyles, All In The Comforts Of A Well-Appointed Room And Board. You And Your Partner Are Limited Only By Your Imaginations—We Provide The Accouterments To Make It A Reality.

If you and your partner want to explore your bondage fantasies, enjoy a visit to DELUXE DUNGEON. The BDSM fantasy is a popular one, with many Kinksters wanting to try out restraints, impact entertainment, and more. Hotels don’t offer enough privacy or soundproofing, nor is the equipment exactly designed for secure and safe games.

DELUXE DUNGEON is a bed and bondage facility that offers a space for erotic entertainment with discretion. Even couples who aren’t ready to jump into the kink BDSM lifestyle can enjoy hot sex with the dungeon as a backdrop. If you’re new to the experience, you can try out different toys package without having to make an investment in items that you may not end up enjoying or needing. Even if you’re not new to the lifestyle, our dungeon can give you space to try new things without inhibitions. Because the space is discrete, you won’t be bothered by the mundane. You won’t be disrupted by ringing doorbells, kids coming home, or pets needing attention. WiFi is offered, but you can turn off your devices to enjoy your time together.

The BDSM scene isn’t about abuse or power. It’s about communication and sensual experiences that might include pain, depending upon the discretion of the partners. Many of the scenes are carefully choreographed before the experience, and should always include consent. Both parties must consent to what will happen, and the methods through which it will be carried out. Lest you think that it kills the intensity in the moment, this type of discussion can add to the foreplay.

Rentals include use of all furniture and supplies, and are always exclusive—you will have the entire space to yourself.

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We Have 10 Branches In Major Cities In US, UK & CANADA,

Our facilites Situated in a discreet, code-secured building in the up and coming Arts District, EMPIRE KINK MOTEL is conveniently located in a Private Area. There is also an unrestricted street parking is available 24/7.

To ensure the privacy and safety of our guests, the address is given only to those who have confirmed bookings.